Solomon Dixon is an accomplished artist whose work focuses primarily on African American themes and social awareness. For Solomon Dixon painting is a cultural and spiritual journey. It is a journey that started in childhood and continues to this day. Although born in South Carolina, W. Solomon Dixon spent most of his life far from his home town, where he continued to develop upon an impressive, plus very versatile artistic styling that probably surpasses many other modern African American artist. During his early years as an artist he experimented with different media and styles. He was, at different times, a social realist, a surrealist, a figurative abstract painter, a portrait painter, a abstract expressionist, a graphic designer, photographer, cartoonist, illustrator, Pressman, and now a internet designer. Now days, Solomon uses every technique necessary to complete his art pieces which often reflects his childhood, spirituous background, social awareness and always reflected his African American heritage.
Solomon Dixon's artwork merges African, African American cultural themes and social consciousness, to make powerful cross cultural statements. His paintings convey a deep sense of spirituality, majesty, dignity, strength and culture. Solomon still believes that as an African American Artist "We should always stay true to our culture and to help uplift the community". Solomon draws on the events of his childhood to create many of his pieces. He began drawing at the age of five and by the age of seven he began to paint using his mother's make-up kit as his medium. Soon after, he was able to draw his very first self-portrait. His passion for art continued through high school as his skills developed and his interests diversified. Solomon spent four years in the United States Navy and was very fortunate to see beautiful artwork by some of the world's most famous master painters. After touring many parts of Europe, Canada, Virgin Islands and the United States Solomon rededicated himself more immensely to his craft. A recipient of an Art Scholarship, Solomon studied commercial art at Central Piedmont Community College in North Carolina and went on to graduate with honors from the Art Institute of Atlanta where he received an Associates Degree in Visual Communications.

Solomon's work has been displayed at a few Galleries in Atlanta, GA, Three times in the City Hall Rotunda Gallery and twice at Piedmont Medical Center in Rock Hill, SC, monthly at The Art Center in Jacksonville FL and recently his artwork appears in numerous locations in Jacksonville, FL. Solomon is currently a member of JCAAA (Jacksonville Consortium of African American Artists) and the Art Center in Jacksonville FL. During High School his work entitled "Friday Dance" was awarded "Best of Show" in a York County Art Exhibition. A few years ago, he was commissioned to create the cover art for a book about gang violence in America's schools entitled "Children of the Light", written by Kevin W. Riley. In 2006 he created 23 caricatures for a small group of employees at Bellsouth. In 2007 Solomon was commissioned to create the Art Posters and T-shirt design for "The Beaches Fine Arts Sprint Triathlon Series.

Since his graduation, Solomon first love, however, is to paint, and he continues to explore different subject matter and many techniques as he builds upon an impressive portfolio. ..
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